Filling out goals

  1. Select a Category from the “Select Category” drop down box.
  2. Enter the “Present Level(s) of Academic and Functional Performance” as needed.
  3. Enter the goal information under “Measurable Annual Goal”.
  4. Click the “New Objective” button to enter your objectives. You may add as many objectives as you like for each goal.
  5. Enter “How will progress toward meeting this annual goal be measured?” as needed.

  • This area will appear on every goal page you print. If you do not want it to show on a page, do not enter any text in the present levels area.
  • You can reorder your goals by changing the number in the box to the right of the “Goal [1] of 1” and clicking the “Save” button.
  • Always remember to click the “Save” button or the text of your goals and objectives will be lost.
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