Overview of the Search Box

The search box appears on the top of several of the Administrative Reports and in different forms throughout SpEd Forms. You can use it to narrow, broaden or order your search by any specific criteria available in the search box.

  1. Give some thought as to how you want the list to be organized.
  2. Enter only as much criteria as is needed (too much criteria may narrow the search to the point of getting no results).
  3. The results of your last search may give you a clue as to what other criteria may be needed to further narrow or broaden your search.
  4. In the example that is pictured, you would be able to order your results by as many as three levels.

EXAMPLE: Let's say you are searching for students in a particular school and you want to order them first by IEP Manager. Then, for each IEP Manager, you want the list ordered by Resident District. Then, within each Resident District, you want the students ordered by Student Name.

  1. Select the IEP Manager's name from the “IEP Manager” drop down list.
  2. In the “1st Order” drop down list, choose “Name (Manager - last, first)”.
  3. In the “2nd Order” drop down list, choose “District - resident”
  4. In the “3rd Order” drop down list, choose “Name (Student - last, first)”
  5. Click the “Search” button.

  • Name searches are not case sensitive.
  • Name searches are flexible. Entering a partial name will return all matches. For example, if you put “peters” in the last name field, the search would return names like “Peterson, Petersen, Peters and Smith-Peterson”.
  • Put a check in the “Active Students” check box to only see active students.
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