How do I work with the student list filters?

At the top of the student list are a series of check boxes and drop downs. These are the active filters introduced in the July, 2016 update. In order to help facilitate navigation of a paged student list, these filters were added to help those with multiple districts, schools, or grade levels sort through and narrow down the list of students.

  • Show students managed by Me is always visible
  • Show MA Eligible students may not be visible if the permission was turned off by your administrator
  • Show inactive students shows(default action) or hides inactive students - those with a grey smiley face. To hide, click the “Hide” radio button.
  • District and School are populated by the students shared with you, or that you case manage.
  • * If there are four districts on your server, but you are shared with only one, you will only see one district
  • * The same goes for schools. If there are five schools in your district, but you are shared with only students from two schools, only those two schools will show up in the list.
  • Selecting a District will narrow down the student list to those students shared with you in that district. It will also populate the Schools list, and you can further narrow down the list.
  • Grade operates independently, and any grade can be chosen at any time. If you are not shared with any students in a grade, you will get a message stating that no students match the filtered criteria.
  • To clear any of the drop downs, select the very top option “No District” for District, “No School” for School, or “Select Option” for Grade, and this will clear that filter.
  • This has helped with those that have large caseloads in multiple districts. They can focus just on that district for the day. 
  • It has helped us to clean up our data. We have students that move between our districts a lot…often the new case manager forgets to change the district. This has helped.

Sarah Mittelstadt, Southern Plains Education Cooperative

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