How do I work with a student's history forms?

While viewing the selected pages, you will have an opportunity to print or navigate back to the page listing, history page or forms menu.

  1. From the “Main Menu” click on “Students”.
  2. Click on the student's name or click Quick Links
    1. If using Quick Links, select History under Other Forms
  3. From the “Forms Menu” click the “History” tab.
  4. Find the history page or form that you want to view and click the “View” button.
  5. The PDF will download to your computer, or you will then come to a page with the form's page(s) listed. Choose the page(s) you want to view and click on the “View Selected Pages” button.
  6. To delete a history page or form, click on the “Delete” button next the name of the form you want to delete.

  • The “Date Filed” column shows the date the form was “finalized”.
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