Passwords are case sensitive, and all of our users should refer to their district’s information security policy for the strength of passwords and how often they should change. However, we do have a minimum requirement that all passwords should contain:

  • At least eight characters
  • Strongly suggest that they contain a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols like @ ! $ _ – = +.

Your password can not contain the following:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • User name
  • District ID
  • School ID
  • District name
  • School name


How do I remove passwords from my browser?


  1. In Chrome, click the three bar icon on the right corner of the browser and click Settings.
  2. Click Show Advanced Settings link.
  3. Under Passwords and forms section, toggle Enabled Autofill to fill out web forms and Offer to save your web passwords.
    • If you select 'Manage Passwords', you are able to remove any saved passwords for SpEd Forms.


  1. Go to Safari Preferences.
  2. Select the AutoFill tab, and for AutoFill web forms toggle the option for Usernames and passwords option.
  3. Select the Password tab. Make sure 'AutoFill user names and passwords' is unchecked and use the 'Remove All' to clear any saved passwords there.
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