Entering time into the activity log:

In order to aid time entry, and to prevent bad data from being recorded into the activity log, we have added a control widget to allow users to enter the start and end times into activity logs.

We picked this particular widget because of its ease of use and simple function. To use this feature, please follow the directions below:

  • A new feature of the time entry in MA Activity Logs is the ability to add multiple times, and auto-calculate when adding new items. This must be enabled for each log, but once enabled on the log, it will be remembered. The checkbox appears as displayed in the image below.

If the times for a log line are calculated, the “Number of Children in Group” at the top of the line will be changed to 1. This is important. The Group Size in the individual times is what is used to calculate minutes, not the one at the top.

Do not change the “Number of Children in Group” at the top if you enter a different group size for any of the individual start and end times.

  • A new time entry will need to be added for each instance of time entered. To do this, click the long button labeled “New Time”

  • The time will only have the group size of 1 filled out. This can be changed at any time.

  • To open the widget, click in the textbox for the start or end time. The widget will automatically open.
    • If there is no time selected, it will default to the current time.
  • To change the time
    • Either click the up and down arrows to choose the hour and minute, or
    • Type in the hour and minute into the hour and minute fields in the widget. The widget prevents invalid data from being entered, so the letter keys do not work when typing in these fields.
  • If you need to clear the box, click the red X next to the box. This will empty the time.
  • You cannot enter data directly into the fields. This is done to prevent invalid data from being entered.
  • There is also an Autofill Time Spent button that will automatically fill out the Minutes field if the times entered meet a few basic criteria
    • Both times are entered
    • The end time is after or equal to the start time (0 is entered minutes if they are equal)

You don't have to click “Calculate Times” if the checkbox to “Autofill times in this log” is checked. This will be done automatically.

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