How do I use my personal goal bank?

Each SpEd Forms user has their own personal goal bank. When you enter goals, they will be available on any goal page when you click on “Choose Goal”. They are now included with all other goals, but marked out specially with a green tag, and always appear at the top of the list of goals.

To navigate to your personal goal bank:

  1. Navigate to the “Main Menu”.
  2. Click on the “Your setup” button.
  3. Click on “Goals”.

To add or edit a goal:

To add a goal

Goal management and editing are all on the same page now.

  1. When on the Goal bank page, choose at least a Category, and the “Add Goal” button will appear.
    1. Don't worry, you can change the Category at any time, but a category must always be present.
    2. A Subcategory may be chosen at any time, otherwise it will appear as “General (Personal Goalbank)” in the goal selector.
  2. A new goal will appear at the top of the page and remain there until you save and leave the page. Afterwards, the goal will be sorted according to the Category and the Subcategory.
  3. If you save a goal without any text, don't worry. It will be sorted into the category

To edit a goal

  1. Search for or scroll to the goal in your Goals List.
  2. Make any changes you need to the goal text, or click “Check Objectives” to start working with objectives.
    1. Save is disabled until you start making changes. Save will only save the goal or objective you're working on.

To search for a goal

  1. If you have a large number of personal goals, it may be handy to search for a goal using the textbox at the top of the page.
  2. The search is a limited keyword search. Typing in a word or phrase will find the goal with the text, but only if it matches exactly the wording in the goal. For example:
    1. Looking for a goal that says “Improve math grade by 10%”, searching for “math” or “10%” will find the goal, but searching for “math 10%” will not find the goal since “math” and “10%” are not next to each other.
  3. Objectives cannot be searched.

To Delete a goal

  1. Search for or scroll to the goal in your Goals List.
  2. Click “Check Objectives” - This will instruct the system to look for any objectives attached to that goal. If there are none, you will be able to delete the goal after a prompt.
    1. If there are objectives attached, the delete button will remain disabled until all objectives are deleted. This is to ensure that no bits of the goals are left behind.
  3. Once you click “Yes” on the delete confirmation, the goal is gone and cannot be retrieved.

All deletions are final. Once a goal has been deleted, it cannot be un-deleted.

Goals cannot be deleted as long as they have objectives attached to them. In order to delete a personal goal, delete all objectives first.

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