Creating and sending 837 X12 files to DHS:

Sending an 837 (X12) claim transmission:

  1. Navigate to the “Create/edit claim transmission (837)” page.
  2. After you have selected the claims you want to send, click the “Preview Selected Claims” button.
  3. The “Preview Claims” screen allows you to preview the claims you have chosen before the actual X12 Compliant Batch File is created.
  4. When you are certain the file is ready to be created, make sure “Production Mode” is chosen and click the “Process claims” button.
  • If data required by DHS is still found to be incomplete, a warning will be shown at the top of this page. If any information is incomplete, your claim will be denied by DHS.
  • When “Production Mode” is chosen and you click “Process claims”, a Transaction ID and Date will be saved. Then, the logs you have chosen will show up as being sent and will no longer be selected. If “Test Mode” is chosen when you create the file, a Transaction ID and Date will not be saved and the logs you have chosen will still be selected.

The first 837 batch file you upload onto the MN_ITS website (for each district) must be a test file. Before DHS will give you permission to submit this type of file, the test file will have to be approved.

  1. The “Create/edit claim transmission (837)” page creates the batch file that you will upload to the MN-ITS website.
  2. Click the “Click here to download…” link and choose “Save”.
  3. Then save the (.txt) file to the folder you have reserved for MA Batch Files.

You may also click the “Print” button to print a detailed table of the current transaction to keep for your records.

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