What are the known issues that may occur with Evaluation Reports?

We are aware of some known issues when working with Evaluation Reports.

SpEd Forms uses the “TinyMCE” editor for Evaluation Reports. This is a third party tool over which SpEd Forms has limited programming control. We expect TinyMCE to fix these issues in future upgrades.

Cannot type below tables or charts:

When inserting tables, users have experienced not being able to type in text directly below it. When you place your cursor below the new table, the text is appearing in the last cell of the table.

To prevent this from happening, always add an extra blank line beneath the proposed table before adding it.

In other words, hit the “Enter” key a couple times first, then click above those lines, and insert the table above the blank lines. You will then have one or two blank rows below the table so that you my type in text, insert a test or criteria without issue.

Text disappears when using the "<" or ">" sign.

One other known issue with the editor that users may experience is the use of a 'Less than“ or “More than” character.

The ”<“ and ”>“ are “reserved” characters in TinyMCE, and will not recognize text that immediately follows the ”<“, and immediately precedes the ”>“, causing that text to not appear on the screen.

  • If ”<“ is used there must always be a space after it.
  • If ”>“ is used there must always be a space before it.

If you experience other issues, please contact your SpEd Forms administrator.

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