How do I manage my custom materials and procedures list?

After your commonly used materials, procedures and evaluators are entered into SpEd Forms, you can attach them to any “Notice of an Educational Evaluation/Reevaluation Plan” without retyping them.

To navigate to your custom materials and procedures:

  1. Navigate to the “Main Menu”.
  2. Click the “Your setup” button.
  3. On the “Your setup” menu, click on “Commonly used Materials and Procedures”.

To add new materials and procedures:

  1. Enter the evaluation area, materials/procedures and evaluators in the blank spaces provided next to the word “(Add)”.
  2. The new custom area(s) will be added when the “Save” button is pressed.
  • More blank spaces will also be added when the “Save” button is clicked.
  • If the area you need is not listed in the “Evaluation Area” list, enter it in the “Other Area” field.

To edit existing materials and procedures:

  1. Make changes to any of the existing values as needed.
  2. Changes to the custom area(s) will be saved when the “Save” button is clicked.

To remove existing materials and procedures:

  1. Put a check in the (Remove) checkbox next to the custom area you want to remove.
  2. The custom area(s) will be removed when the “Save” button is clicked.
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