How do I see a student's history?

With the “View student history” report, you can search, view and manage a student's archived history records.

  • Some reports will show a red asterisk next to a form name.
  • These entries have been deleted by a teacher and are awaiting your review.
  • From this report, they can be permanently deleted or restored back to the student's history menu.
  • Super Administrators can “Allow teachers to permanently delete student histories.” using a setting in administration preferences.
  • If this administrative preference box is not checked, when a teacher deletes a history record it will be flagged for deletion by an administrator and can then be managed from this report.

To view student's history

  1. Navigate to the “Reporting” Menu.
  2. Click the “View student history” button.
  3. Enter your search criteria.
  4. Click the “Update” button.

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