How do I use the Access Log?

How to get to it

  1. Using the Drop down list, select “Admin Reporting”
  2. Verify you are on the “SpEd Forms” tab
  3. Click on “22. Access Log”

How to use it

We have redesigned the Access log to work off of a paged system.

The page system was set up to be intuitive to use. You will recognize the forward and backward buttons as “»” and “«” symbols, and the first and last page buttons as “|«” and “»|” symbols in the picture below. Click on these to go to the next, previous, first, or last pages. The individual page numbers can also be clicked.

The number of records per page can be set to 250, 500, or 1000 from the dropdown box labeled “Show records per page”.

The Summary tab is new. Not all records will fully support this, but we have included as many possibilities for legacy records as possible. An explanation of the possible summary actions is below.

  • Page Loaded
    • Indicates that the page was loaded. Does not indicate if changes were made, only that someone visited the page.
  • Page Submitted
    • Indicates that the page was submitted. If this is a form, it means the page was saved. If it is a report, it means a search was run.
  • New item added to page
    • Indicates that a new item was added to the page. Depending on the page, this could be anything from a new section in an ER, a new goal, a new service, or any number of other additions.
  • Deletion Occurred
    • Indicates that something was deleted on the page.
  • Student Record deleted
    • Indicates that an administrator performed a deletion on a student record.

These actions may occur at the same time on a page, and if a student record is deleted, three items will be logged - that a deletion occurred, that a student record was deleted, and that the page was submitted.

In the first image on the page, you would see that there are two print buttons. “1 Page” and “All Pages”. This has been added as a way to reduce the amount of stress on the user's computer if they only need one page of the record.

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