How do I reissue a transaction to DHS?

You should only reissue a transaction when requested by DHS. When DHS asks for a reissue, an error has occurred while DHS was in the middle of processing the file and a new file must be sent with the same information.

  • When you reissue a claim to DHS, the same data is sent with that transaction ID, however, some of the coding is changed to let DHS know that this file is being resent. Do Not send the same file that was originally sent to DHS, a new file must be created.
  • You may want to preview the claims in this transaction to make sure everything matches your records of the transaction you are reissuing before the actual X12 Compliant Batch File is created.

To reissue a transaction to the DHS:

  1. From the MA Reports menu, click “View batch file transactions”.
  2. Find the correct transaction.
  3. Click on the “Reissue” link.
  4. Click the “Preview” button.
  5. When you are certain the file is ready to be created, click on the “Process claims” button.
  6. The “Create batch file” page creates the batch file that you will upload to the MN-ITS website. Click on the “Click here to download…”, then save the (.txt) file to the folder you have reserved for MA Batch Files.
  7. You may also click the “Print” button to print a detailed table of the current transaction for your records.

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